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I'm Brendan McDonald with Teel Auctions

Are you moving? Downsizing? Disposing of an estate or business? Would you like to turn your belongings into money? Do you have something of value that needs the best marketing and presentation?

Consider consigning your items to Teel Auctions.

We work hard to obtain the best prices. 

We market on your behalf using the latest technology and communications

We present your items to our database of thousands of proven auction buyers.

Contact us.

Consultations are free. 

We'll discuss your items and the best way to present and sell them at auction.

Arrangements are easy

We have the trained staff, vehicles and equipment to pick up and transport your important belongings

If the sale is to be done onsite, we have the equipment and staff to handle the largest sales. Our sale of the contents of the Mount Airy Lodge drew more than 5,000 registered bidders.

Our compensation is based on the prices we obtain, so we're as motivated as you are.

All commissions and fees are discussed in advance and listed on our auction agreements.

Call us now at (570) 897-8335, email us at or visit 

We look forward to working with you.

Tom Janotti
almost 2 years agoOctober 19, 2017
i purchased a few thousand Fidget Spinners a few months back and about 500 spinners left. I have been to your auctions and have bought a few items a while back!!! I would like to sell a few lots in the 50 to 100 piece range!!  I prefer not to sell them in your big room where you have your bulk lots ( some junk lots ) and if you can place them in your furniture room in a container that i can supply so they would not get stolen upon inspection of your buyers!!! I have many styles which i can break down in each lot!!! For example, i would like to start with one lot to see how they do on your Tuesday auction if you agree to this!!! I would start with 2 different lots, the first lot 50pc (GLOW IN THE DARK FIDGET SPINNERS) and say 50 pieces ( BASIC FIDGET SPINNERS ) and maybe a third lot of my of 30 ( METAL FIDGET SPINNERS IN A CASE). This would be a test run to see what I can get for these lots. Every spinner is
in their original package. Also can you please let me know your commission on these lots? Thanks Tom Janotti      570-629-4061      Please try to answer me as soon as possible before I submit to other auctioneers! I would like to have you sell them!!!!
3 months agoMay 11, 2019
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